Young Potential Wasted In Baton Rouge Police Killings

More senseless, violent crimes are taking place in the US. The tragedy that occurred in Dallas and Baton Rouge have seemed to ignite today’s real-life drama to “Hollywood” screen levels. Young men have been killed.

Gavin Long, an ex-marine, is the named suspect in the Baton Rouge massacre shooting on Sunday. Long shot and killed 10-year veteran, Montrell Jackson, who was only 32 years old. Standing in Long’s line of fire also was Matthew Gerald who was 41. East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Deputy Brad Garafola, 45.

Long claims although he was in Dallas at the time of those police shootings, he is not linked to them. Long uploaded videos on YouTube also revealing his “alias”, Cosmo. He has a mini-documentary talk series called, “Convos With Cosmo…”. This series covers Long’s opinions on various topics.

Gavin Long seems to be a well-spoken man in his series, although his concepts may favor the rights of black individuals. Not to mention, wipe its feet on the safety and rights of police officers. Long made a comment, “When Africans fight back, it’s wrong. But every time a European fights back against his oppressor, it’s right.”

Long attended Central Texas College in Killeen, TX where he received an associate’s degree. Other credentials also show that Long appeared on the dean’s list in 2012. This kid probably had a bright future.

How does a young man accumulate so much hate? Many baby boomers would argue that he hadn’t been here long enough to be that mad. “Your forefathers went through that for you!”, they might exclaim to him. It’s too late and we’re losing police officers and young men.

At the end of the day, we’re all human. Not only do “black lives matter”, but all lives matter. That includes the lives of police officers. We all make mistakes and that will be a lifelong process. We won’t always agree on things; that’s a given. Somehow, we have to figure out a way to coexist, though.

The last thing we want is a civil war.