USHEALTH Group is the Premier Provider of Innovative Insurance Plans in America

Through its several certified health insurance firms, the renowned USHEALTH Group aspires to be one of the most trusted choices for healthcare in America. The USHEALTH Group and its subsidiaries strive to offer revolutionary life, accident/disability, and definite disease and sickness insurance services to self-employed individuals, wealthy families, owners of small firms and their workers. The Texas-based insurance powerhouse has delivered personalized plans to over 15 million clients for over 50 collective years.

Mission and vision

USHEALTH Group has managed to stay true to its mission of protecting its clients from financial adversity due to unexpected injury or disease. By developing affordable insurance solutions, the firm offers peace of mind to its customers. The company’s vision is to create a leading health insurance organization in America dedicated to providing unique service and value to its large pool of clients. The insurance giant aims at becoming the company of choice for all its major stakeholders, customers, agents, and workers.


USHEALTH Group strives to master the needs of every client before coming up with plans that suit them. It offers a broad selection of budget friendly solutions, which matches with the individual situation of each customer. The company featured in the Top 50 North American Call Center in 2013 for its excellent customer service. Armed with exceptional payment cycles and claim processing, USHEALTH Group has emerged as a leading provider of top-notch customer care services. The insurance champion has earned an A+ rating from the prestigious Better Business Bureau.


The USHEALTH Group develops insurance plans, bearing in mind that each client has different demands. It focuses on availing a broad collection of policies to allow clients to select protection that is ideal for them. The firm has built a far-reaching portfolio of insurance plans that promote client choice. It assists its customers to strengthen their protection by providing a diversified line of supplementary products, including Accident Plans, Critical Illness, Short-Term Accident Disability, Term Life Insurance, Income Protector, Specified Disease/Sickness, and Vision Plans.

USHEALTH Group scooped the Company of the Year Award during the celebrated One Planet Awards. The firm emerged the winner in the highly contested category of Financial, Accounting, Insurance, and Banking. The One Planet Awards is a worldwide awards program, which honors exceptional performance in both business and profession across all sectors globally. The coveted Awards attract participants from organizations of all sizes, non-profit and for-profit, public and private businesses, and new startups.

CEO Troy McQuagge’s declarations

Speaking after receiving the accolade, USHEALTH Group’s CEO, Troy McQuagge, said that it was an honor to bag such a high-status award. He stated that the accolade demonstrates that USHEALTH is dedicated to addressing the issue of health care affordability by offering its customers with groundbreaking coverage that can improve as their healthcare demands increase.