Save Money For College With The Banking Giants

NexBank is proud to announce a recent merger with College Savings Bank that allows you to have the option of using 549+ college savings programs to save extra money for other college expenses and everyday life. NexBank understands how hard it is to pay for college today with the rising cost of tuition. Thousands of students are finding themselves in debt and their parents are having a hard time helping them pay for college expenses. You won’t be disappointed with the option that allows you to save more money for college and appreciate moving to the next level of your life. The president of Dallas, Texas based NexBank says that he wants the merger to be a smooth transaction for everyone.

NexBank has been proudly serving their customers for over 60 years. They are proud to announce a number of ways that enable their customers to function the way they would in a land based banking institution. They have also expanded their online services and allow anyone that is eligible to open a NexBank account and have access to their account right away. You don’t have to be put in a compromising position with other banks that don’t allow your money to grow.

NexBank Services

– Mortgage accounts
– IRA accounts
– Free direct deposit
– Free checking
and much more…

You can easily access NexBank from their official website to speak to a live customer service agent that is friendly and knowledgeable in banking. Their number one priority at NexBank is your customer service satisfaction. They take the time to listen to t heir customers to find out what works best for you. If you’re trying to live in your dream home with a reasonable mortgage you’re encouraged to open a mortgage account with NexBank right away.

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