Missing Woman Turns Up Alive After Four Decades

Lula Ann Gillespie-Miller from Laurel,Indiana had given birth to her third child. Although she was only 28, Gillespie-Miller believed that she was too young to raise children. Before she disappeared in 1974, she signed over the custody of her children to her parents and left town. Gillespie-Miller began living under an assumed name. Investigators had learned that the former Indiana resident had been living small Texas town since the 1990s. Today, she’s 69-years-old and gave investigators her contact number so she could locate her daughter over Easter weekend. To guard Mrs. Gillespie-Miller’s privacy, the name of the small Texas town is being kept confidential.

The last time the missing woman’s parents have had any contact with their daughter was when she wrote them a letter in 1975 from Richmond, Indiana. In 2014, Indiana State Police Detective Sergeant Scott Jarvis was contacted by ISP to check the Doe Network of missing persons. He found there was information about an unidentified missing woman who had passed away in 1975 and was buried in Earlham Cemetery in Richmond in an unmarked grave. Thinking that they may have found Lula Ann Gillespie-Miller, investigators exhumed the deceased woman’s body and contacted Gillespie-Miller’s daughter, Tammy to see if there was a DNA match. There wasn’t. Detective Sergeant Jarvis continued his search. He checked out a lead on a woman similar to Gillespie- Miller who had lived in Tennessee back in the 1980s before moving to Texas. This past Thursday, officials contacted the woman who admitted that she was in fact Lula Ann Gillespie-Miller. Tammy Miller planned to spend Easter with her long lost mother.

Tammy Miller was only two-years-old the last time she saw her mother. She only had one picture of her mother, taken in 1974. As she grew older, Ms. Miller only had the picture to compare herself to. She wondered what physical traits she had inherited from her mother. Tammy Miller, the youngest child, and her older siblings wondered for years what happened and why she left. During Easter, the family would soon learn the answer from the mother that they never knew.