Dallas Residents Against Eminent Domain

There is a lot of talk going on in Dallas about eminent domain tactics that are used by the local government to confiscate a local land owner’s property. The heated debate rages on between government officials and local residents that disagree about seizing a citizen’s property for governmental reasons. The fact is that the government is able to seize anyone’s property in the state, for any reason that they deem plausible. All the government has to prove is that the seizure is for the good of the state.

Opposition to Eminent Domain in Dallas
In the past, the government had the law on their side. They were able to seize just about any property that they wanted. However, opponents of a high speed railway line from Dallas to Houston took offense at the railway project and derailed the whole project. Even the planned Marvin Nichols Reservoir is taking a lot of heat from enraged citizens. A lot of Dallas citizens believe that the system is abusing those that are poor, elderly, or unable to defend themselves against the government’s takeover of land that they believe is in the way of local progress.

The fact is that local governments have been seizing property from residents for years. They are like the bigger school yard bully that picks on the defenseless kid in the schoolyard. Things are starting to slowly change for people in the Dallas area. Opponents to eminent domain tactics are organizing. The good news is that they are well funded organizations that are able to lend a hand to the poor, elderly, and others that are abused by the governmental system that allows them to use eminent domain tactics.

Even some city officials are taking a closer look at the way that local government abuses their eminent domain privileges. Many believe that changing the eminent domain rules will help those people affected in the future, but it will not change the tactics that took away property in the past. Still, it should place more power and control in the citizen’s hand, along with a little bit less local government control.